A Childhood Friend Without a Name

For the first few weeks of my writing I am going to be writing from a prompt book. This book is called 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts by Andrew Kinder. I searched through several and finally agreed with this title, these were indeed awesome writing prompts. Without further ado, my first prompt…

1) Describe an important item from your childhood. Why was it important and where is it now.

I do not remember my earliest years. My first true memory was 9 days after I turned 5 years old. That was the day I met my baby brother, and a day I will never forget. His face is the first clear face I actually remember. That being said, I have no memory of receiving the white stuffed bunny that was crushed to my side that fateful night. My mother tells me the bunny was a gift for my third birthday from my Uncle Sid. One of my namesakes.

This bunny was my constant companion in my formative years. I relied on her for company when I was lonely, and cuddles when I was sad or scared. She was a beautiful soft white with a little ribbon around her neck. Her long floppy ears trailed down her back to her puff ball of a tail. I never named my bunny, which for me is very odd. Everything has a name, but not her. Perhaps my love of her made naming her unnecessary.

My life did not begin in the easiest of ways, I am thankful for my lack of memory, but I know as assuredly as one has faith that bunny was there for me during those times. My childhood memories consisted of tea parties, sleepovers, and Christmases. Bunny was there for all of them.  As I grew older bunny got dingier. The velveteen on her nose had worn away, and she wasn’t very white anymore, but I didn’t care. I loved her no matter her looks. She bore witness to me growing up, she was my friend, and her state of disarray was trivial.

As all little girls are inclined to do, I grew up. More often than not when I was playing bunny was left on my bed. She had been relegated to night time cuddles, a job she was still very good at. Soon after I turned 10 my family and I began the process of moving. Being the messy movers that we are, many of our things were stuffed into large garbage bags and put in storage. Bunny went in with the stuffed animals, and never came back out. I do not know why I never thought to go find her in storage, or why I agreed she could go in that bag in the first place. I was caught up in moving, and having my own room, I was growing up and careless. A few years later a hurricane blew through destroying almost our entire house. The little storage shed was a goner. Everything, including that garbage bag, had to be burned.

I still occasionally think about that bunny, and how I failed my childhood self who loved bunny so very much. Perhaps, if I had been more thoughtful, that little stuffed bunny would be in my closet now waiting for my future daughter to come along. The past isn’t something we can change, we just have to continue on into our future. I will think of that little bunny from time to time and look upon those memories with happiness, love, and even some regret. Mostly though, I will remember the love.


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