Miraculous Disaster

Writing Prompt from 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts by Ryan Andrew Kinder

56: (Duration: 10 minutes) Your village is about to be consumed by a tsunami. Describe everything about the experience leading up to your salvation or death.

I am standing in the surf watching the dolphins splash in the distance, I have just finished my daily trek down our 5 mile coast line. I am now taking a break and admiring the beauty of the calm still day. Suddenly, with a ferocious speed the tide is sucked back into the ocean. It feels as if miles have separated me from the surf and all of the sudden a wave begins to form.

I can’t breathe, I can’t think, what in the world is happening. My brain struggles for the word to form, Tsunami. As soon as I can make the word appear in my mind my body begins to function again. I begin running into the village, screaming out the warning; “A tsunami is coming, a tsunami is coming! Get to higher ground, NOW!” I run and scream until the town has come alive and is trying to flee. I make sure that everyone is on their way to higher ground.

My work is good, my job is done. I turn and see the wave coming toward our little village, with all the strength in the world behind it. I stand and watch the beauty of the inevitable. The wave comes closer and closer, I begin to run toward the wave. Wanting to meet it in a warm embrace. I get to the beach and stand in awe. I watch waiting, marveling in it all, until suddenly, miraculously, all is lost.


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