Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Greetings on this the night of All Hallows Eve!


This my friends is my favorite (nationally celebrated) holiday! I enjoy every minute of it!

What’s not to like?

There’s dress up, candy, Andy from Ellen peeing himself from fear, did I mention candy?

It’s a blast from beginning to end.

I don’t quite remember when I decided Halloween would be my favorite holiday. The change came after I was grown, I switched from Christmas due to the complete commercialism that has surrounded the holiday. I decided if we as a culture are going to completely destroy the meaning of a holiday for our own commercial selfishness, I at least should throw my support behind the one passing out candy and giving me a reason to dress up as Princess Anna of Arendale and go around singing; “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?”

Another reason I like this holiday is how close it is to Dia de los Muertos. I remember learning about Dia De los Muertos in high school, and being struck by the beauty of the celebration. It’s not everyone going out getting candy and belly aches. This holiday is a celebration and remembrance of loved ones passed. It’s a day where an entire culture gathers to tell their deceased loved ones how much they love and miss them. I like thinking of Dia De los Muertos during this time of year.

I like to spend my Halloween with family. Usually I go trick or treating with my nephew, a tradition I love. We go out and get him a big bucket of candy, I sneak the Almond Joy’s, and we have a blast just hanging out together. This year I am going to be brave and go to a haunted house tomorrow. This makes me a little nervous as the “thrills and chills” are not my favorite part of Halloween. This particular Haunted House is a fundraiser for a cousin of mine, so I will buck up and do my best to have a good time. We may have to come home and watch Hocus Pocus afterward.

The movies! Another truly great thing about this holiday are the movies that are created from it. I know, I know I was just saying how much I hate scary stuff, but I am not talking about scary movies. I’m talking about Halloweentown (yes, I’m a nerd), Hocus Pocus (arguably the greatest Halloween movie of all time), Scream (they are not scary), Teen Witch, The Worst Witch, Casper… The list could go on for days. So much quality entertainment springing from this holiday.

There really is so much to love about this very cool holiday.

I hope your holiday was as spooktacularly awesome as mine was!

Happy Halloween!


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