Six word sentences intrigue me greatly.

Hello there! I said at the beginning of this that I would blog daily. Well…. yesterday I was out of the house enjoying a day with family. So I broke that vow. One day off the wagon isn’t bad as long as I get back on immediately, right?

When reading through this book of prompts I found (1000 Awesome Prompts my Ryan Andrew Kinder) the most intriguing concept I found was called Six Word Sentences. You simply create a sentence using six words. It’s seemed to me such an easy and lovely concept. There is an entire website dedicated to this format, and I enjoyed reading through all the entrances. I also quickly began writing sentences of my own. I thought up different situations/scenarios/emotions/people  and constructed sentences that would evoke the emotion of that concept. I played with this medium, molding it with my words for days. I am now going to include several of my favorites that I have created so far. I have decided to leave off the descriptive word to see if you, my dear readers (Hi Traci and Mom), would figure out what they meant.

Without further ado, my six word sentences;

Good afternoon, who are you? Daughter?

Librarian sighs; “Yes, computers are available.”

Looking over my shoulder, reading texts.

Loving you didn’t require meeting you.

I was enchanted, you were gay.

Ideas flowing, pen and paper missing.

Supremely annoying, can’t help loving him.

I would have chosen you anyway.

Forever seems such a long time.

Equality for women, why so unreasonable?

Escaping boredom into worlds of excitement.

Love is reading a good book.

A day all alone, no plans.

Tears of happiness, sadness, anger. Why!?!

Pumpkins. Leaves. Cooler weather. In love.

I encourage you to embrace this format, try it out for yourself. It was definitely more challenging than it seemed at first, but it was very rewarding. Even copying these into this blog made me want to start working on a few more. Alas, the day job must happen tomorrow and it is already late.

Happy reading friends, and sweet dreams!


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