Plans are Fickle Ever Changing Creatures

Tonight I sat down to write out a blog, short and sweet, from my prompt book. I started around 10, and the “assignment” was to write a 75 word essay. It is now 12:40, and I am 750 words into a tome that needs to be edited hardcore. Tonight you get an apology for no epic writing from yours truly, but I promise that it is coming. As soon as I finish the story, edit, and decide that it isn’t book worthy. For now I am dragging my weary eyes off to bed, and I will continue on with the creative process tomorrow. Hopefully I can find where my blog stores saved items, because not finding that again would really suck. Goodnight blog world, as always I hope you only have the sweetest of dreams.


Six word sentences intrigue me greatly.

Hello there! I said at the beginning of this that I would blog daily. Well…. yesterday I was out of the house enjoying a day with family. So I broke that vow. One day off the wagon isn’t bad as long as I get back on immediately, right?

When reading through this book of prompts I found (1000 Awesome Prompts my Ryan Andrew Kinder) the most intriguing concept I found was called Six Word Sentences. You simply create a sentence using six words. It’s seemed to me such an easy and lovely concept. There is an entire website dedicated to this format, and I enjoyed reading through all the entrances. I also quickly began writing sentences of my own. I thought up different situations/scenarios/emotions/people  and constructed sentences that would evoke the emotion of that concept. I played with this medium, molding it with my words for days. I am now going to include several of my favorites that I have created so far. I have decided to leave off the descriptive word to see if you, my dear readers (Hi Traci and Mom), would figure out what they meant.

Without further ado, my six word sentences;

Good afternoon, who are you? Daughter?

Librarian sighs; “Yes, computers are available.”

Looking over my shoulder, reading texts.

Loving you didn’t require meeting you.

I was enchanted, you were gay.

Ideas flowing, pen and paper missing.

Supremely annoying, can’t help loving him.

I would have chosen you anyway.

Forever seems such a long time.

Equality for women, why so unreasonable?

Escaping boredom into worlds of excitement.

Love is reading a good book.

A day all alone, no plans.

Tears of happiness, sadness, anger. Why!?!

Pumpkins. Leaves. Cooler weather. In love.

I encourage you to embrace this format, try it out for yourself. It was definitely more challenging than it seemed at first, but it was very rewarding. Even copying these into this blog made me want to start working on a few more. Alas, the day job must happen tomorrow and it is already late.

Happy reading friends, and sweet dreams!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Greetings on this the night of All Hallows Eve!


This my friends is my favorite (nationally celebrated) holiday! I enjoy every minute of it!

What’s not to like?

There’s dress up, candy, Andy from Ellen peeing himself from fear, did I mention candy?

It’s a blast from beginning to end.

I don’t quite remember when I decided Halloween would be my favorite holiday. The change came after I was grown, I switched from Christmas due to the complete commercialism that has surrounded the holiday. I decided if we as a culture are going to completely destroy the meaning of a holiday for our own commercial selfishness, I at least should throw my support behind the one passing out candy and giving me a reason to dress up as Princess Anna of Arendale and go around singing; “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?”

Another reason I like this holiday is how close it is to Dia de los Muertos. I remember learning about Dia De los Muertos in high school, and being struck by the beauty of the celebration. It’s not everyone going out getting candy and belly aches. This holiday is a celebration and remembrance of loved ones passed. It’s a day where an entire culture gathers to tell their deceased loved ones how much they love and miss them. I like thinking of Dia De los Muertos during this time of year.

I like to spend my Halloween with family. Usually I go trick or treating with my nephew, a tradition I love. We go out and get him a big bucket of candy, I sneak the Almond Joy’s, and we have a blast just hanging out together. This year I am going to be brave and go to a haunted house tomorrow. This makes me a little nervous as the “thrills and chills” are not my favorite part of Halloween. This particular Haunted House is a fundraiser for a cousin of mine, so I will buck up and do my best to have a good time. We may have to come home and watch Hocus Pocus afterward.

The movies! Another truly great thing about this holiday are the movies that are created from it. I know, I know I was just saying how much I hate scary stuff, but I am not talking about scary movies. I’m talking about Halloweentown (yes, I’m a nerd), Hocus Pocus (arguably the greatest Halloween movie of all time), Scream (they are not scary), Teen Witch, The Worst Witch, Casper… The list could go on for days. So much quality entertainment springing from this holiday.

There really is so much to love about this very cool holiday.

I hope your holiday was as spooktacularly awesome as mine was!

Happy Halloween!

Miraculous Disaster

Writing Prompt from 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts by Ryan Andrew Kinder

56: (Duration: 10 minutes) Your village is about to be consumed by a tsunami. Describe everything about the experience leading up to your salvation or death.

I am standing in the surf watching the dolphins splash in the distance, I have just finished my daily trek down our 5 mile coast line. I am now taking a break and admiring the beauty of the calm still day. Suddenly, with a ferocious speed the tide is sucked back into the ocean. It feels as if miles have separated me from the surf and all of the sudden a wave begins to form.

I can’t breathe, I can’t think, what in the world is happening. My brain struggles for the word to form, Tsunami. As soon as I can make the word appear in my mind my body begins to function again. I begin running into the village, screaming out the warning; “A tsunami is coming, a tsunami is coming! Get to higher ground, NOW!” I run and scream until the town has come alive and is trying to flee. I make sure that everyone is on their way to higher ground.

My work is good, my job is done. I turn and see the wave coming toward our little village, with all the strength in the world behind it. I stand and watch the beauty of the inevitable. The wave comes closer and closer, I begin to run toward the wave. Wanting to meet it in a warm embrace. I get to the beach and stand in awe. I watch waiting, marveling in it all, until suddenly, miraculously, all is lost.

A Childhood Friend Without a Name

For the first few weeks of my writing I am going to be writing from a prompt book. This book is called 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts by Andrew Kinder. I searched through several and finally agreed with this title, these were indeed awesome writing prompts. Without further ado, my first prompt…

1) Describe an important item from your childhood. Why was it important and where is it now.

I do not remember my earliest years. My first true memory was 9 days after I turned 5 years old. That was the day I met my baby brother, and a day I will never forget. His face is the first clear face I actually remember. That being said, I have no memory of receiving the white stuffed bunny that was crushed to my side that fateful night. My mother tells me the bunny was a gift for my third birthday from my Uncle Sid. One of my namesakes.

This bunny was my constant companion in my formative years. I relied on her for company when I was lonely, and cuddles when I was sad or scared. She was a beautiful soft white with a little ribbon around her neck. Her long floppy ears trailed down her back to her puff ball of a tail. I never named my bunny, which for me is very odd. Everything has a name, but not her. Perhaps my love of her made naming her unnecessary.

My life did not begin in the easiest of ways, I am thankful for my lack of memory, but I know as assuredly as one has faith that bunny was there for me during those times. My childhood memories consisted of tea parties, sleepovers, and Christmases. Bunny was there for all of them.  As I grew older bunny got dingier. The velveteen on her nose had worn away, and she wasn’t very white anymore, but I didn’t care. I loved her no matter her looks. She bore witness to me growing up, she was my friend, and her state of disarray was trivial.

As all little girls are inclined to do, I grew up. More often than not when I was playing bunny was left on my bed. She had been relegated to night time cuddles, a job she was still very good at. Soon after I turned 10 my family and I began the process of moving. Being the messy movers that we are, many of our things were stuffed into large garbage bags and put in storage. Bunny went in with the stuffed animals, and never came back out. I do not know why I never thought to go find her in storage, or why I agreed she could go in that bag in the first place. I was caught up in moving, and having my own room, I was growing up and careless. A few years later a hurricane blew through destroying almost our entire house. The little storage shed was a goner. Everything, including that garbage bag, had to be burned.

I still occasionally think about that bunny, and how I failed my childhood self who loved bunny so very much. Perhaps, if I had been more thoughtful, that little stuffed bunny would be in my closet now waiting for my future daughter to come along. The past isn’t something we can change, we just have to continue on into our future. I will think of that little bunny from time to time and look upon those memories with happiness, love, and even some regret. Mostly though, I will remember the love.

Inaugural Blog

This is my first blog.

I plan on using this blog to hone my writing skills. I have a great dream of writing a novel, and it has been a while since I have sat down day in and day out to write. I will use this space to work on writing prompts, write out thoughts and epiphanies, and spend at least 30 minutes a day to devote to writing.

Of course my novel will stay deeply buried in my laptop, this I think will be a fun way to get me back into the groove of things. Any prompt suggestions are always welcome. I’m excited about this new adventure. Wish me luck!